word@work Issue 1 | 2024: The day Kaiyrgul received a Bible…

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That Sunday, Kaiyrgul’s husband heard God’s Word and made the decision to follow Christ himself. Today, all Kaiyrgul’s family members are Christians! She gives thanks to God for this miracle.

Every day hearts are gripped by Jesus and people choose to follow Him. This happened to a woman named Kaiyrgul when she was given a Bible, which are rare in Kyrgyzstan. Thank you for your support that made this precious gift possible!

In the days that followed, Kaiyrgul experienced intense persecution and regularly opened her Bible to gain strength and experience God’s loving presence in her life. Over weeks and months, Kaiyrgul’s faithfulness to God planted seeds in her husband’s heart — and he asked if he could attend church with her.

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Help others like Kaiyrgul and her family hear God’s Word and make the decision to follow Christ.

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