2022 Impact Report | Loud and Clear in Long-Term Care Homes

In 2020, CBS launched a pilot program to support individuals in long-term care homes, in the form of audio Scriptures and music delivered through specialized easy-to-use audio devices and selected large-print Scriptural resources.

Audio Scripture passages, familiar Christian music, and beloved hymns can add greatly to the spiritual and emotional well-being of vulnerable people.

Chaplains and care workers in the pilot project are now reporting that the audio Bibles contributed to the mental well-being of elderly residents and to the spiritual care strategies of staff and chaplains, and touched our elderly’s very hearts.

We have great momentum to expand COVID-19 meant that what we had hoped to accomplish in 12 months took 22.

  • Interviewed 200 long-term care homes to research needs/suitability
  • Recruited 70 Homes to participate in the pilot project, 20 above the target
  • Delivered 1020 MegaVoice units to the elderly or their caregivers – 20 more than the first target
  • Distributed units in English, French, Ukrainian, Hindi, and Chinese
  • By the end of 2021, CBS reached 4,000 residents of long-term care homes via audio Scriptures

Now with the credibility of the program established and relationships built in the long-term care network, we are positioned to place devices in hundreds of more eager hands. Thank you for helping our elderly hear God speak.

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