2022 Impact Report | 90 Translation Projects in 2021

Almost twice a week, someone new gets to hear God speak in their own heart language.

Despite a second year of COVID disruption, in 2021, Bible Societies across the world completed Scripture translations in 90 languages used by 794 million people—just over 10% of the world’s population.


48 were first-ever translations, three of them full Bibles.

New or revised translations were completed in another 43 languages.

A 20-YEAR VISION FOR 2018-2038

Since 2018, the Canadian Bible Society has been a partner on a bold vision to complete 1,200 Scripture translations by 2038—880 first translations and 320 new or revised translations.

By the end of 2021, CBS supporters helped reach these global benchmarks

  • 103 completed
  • 312 in progress
  • 785 remaining

70% of the world’s complete-Bible translations were done by Bible Societies.


Through CBS you support Bible Translation in 4 ways

  1. Support for the UBS global translation effort
  2. Funding CBS-selected projects by sister Bible Societies
  3. Specialized technical services by Canadian staff on projects around the world (in software, digital services, and typesetting)
  4. Several CBS-managed Canadian translation projects every year

As part of an ongoing project to translate the Old Testament, the Kaqchikel Occidental translation team in Guatemala published the books of Judges and Esther.

Dora Marina Cuc Bocel, 41, who leads the translation team, often reads aloud from the completed Scripture portions for her mother and grandmother, who cannot read. “They really pay attention,” says Dora. “They say to me, ‘Hearing it in Kaqchikel is so beautiful and exciting! We understand it. It is God speaking to our hearts.’ This motivates me because, just as they are blessed by the Word of God in our language, so many others will also be blessed.”

Read more about the Translation Projects CBS is involved in.

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