Bible Translation

The mission of the Canadian Bible Society Translation Group is to serve the Church in Canada and internationally wherever there are communities requesting Bible Translation or Revision. We have three main areas of focus:

Indigenous Translations

Canada’s indigenous languages and peoples, First Nations, Metis, and Inuit. Read more.

Punjabi Bible Revision Project

Canada’s diaspora peoples from around the world; Punjabi, Persian, Cantonese, etc. Read more.

Global Bible Translations

International Bible Translation projects where we can have impact. Read more.

Our Skills and Activities

Bible Translation / Revision Training

We go into communities and provide training in Bible Translation and Bible Revision principles and practices. Any community can invite us to come and help them with translation needs assessment, or to get a new translation project started, or to revise an existing translation.

Digitization of old Texts

We will take old printed Bible Texts, some from the 1800s and have them keyboarded into the software package used by Bible Translators worldwide. These old texts are thus preserved for posterity, or they can be (re)printed, used for research, or revised, according to the needs of the community.

Project Management

We help communities plan, manage, and execute complex Bible Translation projects, some with multiple partners, multiple sites, and multiple translation teams.

Final Approval of Bible Translations

Our expert Translation consultants will carefully check translated texts against the Greek and Hebrew original documents, and ensure that published scripture meets worldwide Bible Society standards in terms of faithfulness to the original languages and manuscripts of the Bible.


Once a digital text is fully approved for publication by our consultants, it goes to our Typesetter to be laid out as a book or booklet. The modern software tools used for typesetting are complex and challenging, but our experts can produce beautiful scripture products. These can be printed in small runs digitally by local printers and distributed quickly. We can even handle especially complex jobs like Study Bibles.


Bible texts are digital objects these days. Bible texts from many languages in the world can be read online on phones and tablets through specific Apps like YouVersion (and many others). The Bible texts we translate are made available digitally to the world through the Digital Bible Library. Some apps allow you to listen to a recording of the text, while the text scrolls and is highlighted!

Orality and Recording

We believe in making a recording of every Bible text that we translate or revise. These digital audio Bible recordings can be downloaded, made into DVDs, distributed on USB drives, or played on cassettes! These recordings allow the Word of God to be heard where literacy is not yet established or where the spoken word is preferred over the written word.

An Invitation to partner with the Canadian Bible Society

We invite the indigenous and other peoples of Canada to bring their Bible translation, revision, recording, and digital publication needs to us. we will put our best efforts into helping you get the Bible into your language in text, audio, and digital forms, so that everyone can have access to God’s Word.