Bible Translation: The Urgent Agenda

Bible Societies have translated the Bible into 70% of the world’s languages. But there are 1.5 billion people who still don’t have the full Bible in their own language.

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All people having access to the
Word of God by 2033

For the first time in history, making the Bible available to all is a realistic goal, which makes translation a defining challenge for our generation.

We hope that by 2033:

• 95% will have access to a full Bible.
• 99.96% will have access to a New Testament.
• 100% will have access to at least some portion of Scripture.

You can play a pivotal role in sharing the Word by supporting translation work. Your gift of $35 can help translate one Scripture verse.

At any given time,

your gifts to the Canadian Bible Society (CBS) directly support an average of 10 translation and revision projects in Canada and around the world.

You empower translation work with new technology, which is dramatically accelerating the production of accurate and reliable translations. You also help build capacity, allowing specialists and organizations to concentrate their efforts in the most unreached languages.

The Word of God, in their heart language

Each year Canadian donors make it possible for CBS to commit $1.7 million to Scripture translation in Canada and around the world. We focus on the channels and opportunities that produce the greatest impact for the most people.

Canadian Indigenous Languages

We are honoured by invitations to work alongside Indigenous Canadians to translate the Scriptures for the good of their communities.

The Diaspora Church in Canada

Supporting Scripture translation and revision in the many languages Canadians speak. We are currently working on the Punjabi Bible revision.

International Projects

Our priorities are first-time translations that need support; revisions that are strategic in several countries; translations reaching severely marginalized people.

21st Century Translation:
How the Word becomes heard

The commitment of skilled people and the careful choreography of all the steps produce accurate and life-changing results.

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