ISRAEL: Hope and Help for the War-Affected People

Hope and Help for War-Affected Israelis

The ongoing conflict in Israel has left thousands of people emotionally and spiritually devastated. Significant loss of life, displacement, destruction of homes, fear of war spreading, and the associated financial risks have added to the sense of despair and trauma among the population.

The economic impact of the conflict is severe. Many are unemployed due to the halt in tourism, a major source of income for Israel. Industry is facing uncertainty as investors hold back and agriculture has been disrupted by evacuations, further adding to the economic strain.

There is an enormous need for practical and spiritual support for war-affected Israelis. Necessities such as clothing, food, hygiene, and household items are in high demand, and countless families are struggling to meet their daily needs. Parents have been drafted into service, schools have closed, and families under tremendous pressure are seeking hope for their future.


Over 45% of Israeli adults identify as “not religious” or “secular,” making them the largest religious group in Israel.


350,000 reserve soldiers were called up within two days of the start of the war, which caused a shortage of necessities for them as well.


Hope and Help for War-Affected Israelis will provide 10,000 people with necessities and encouragement from the Word of God.

Hope and Help for War-Affected Israelis

  • Hope and Help for War-Affected Israelis supplies packages of necessities to overwhelmed individuals and families in need, including extra care for those who have lost loved ones.
  • This vital project also distributes portions of Scripture, the Old Testament, full Bibles, and evangelistic outreach materials to spiritually encourage those devastated and traumatized by the war.
  • This project is helping advance faith in Christ, sowing seeds of salvation amid suffering, while ensuring humanitarian aid and spiritual resources are provided.

“The Bible Society in Israel plays a critical role in providing humanitarian aid to those affected by the ongoing war in Israel. As the population grapples with fear and uncertainty, BSI has emerged as a source of support and comfort.”

~ Bible Society Report

​Hope and Help for War-Affected Israelis meets the practical, spiritual, and emotional needs of Israelis affected by the ongoing conflict, and people are engaging with the Word of God. Your gift today will provide many more with the necessities they need, and the spiritual comfort Jesus offers.

Hundreds of Bible-based literacy classes are held each week, and the Bible Society provides the Scriptures for every single class. Your support today will empower more rural Chinese believers to access God’s Word for themselves and become steadfast and immovable in their faith.