Spreading the Good News to Young Hearts

Snider Camp

Camp is an incredible place to introduce campers to Jesus!

This year, the Canadian Bible Society was able to give 400 Bibles to Snider Mountain Ranch to give to their campers.

Snider Mountain Ranch is a Christian summer camp and retreat centre in southern New Brunswick. Each night throughout the summer, they have a campfire time, which includes songs, skits, worship, and a Bible story. Through the Bible stories, campers learn about who God is, how they can have a relationship with him, what prayer is, and how they can take their learnings home.

At the very front of the Bible are some resources to help campers learn how to read their Bibles and understand the “big picture” of the Bible. Many campers have never heard the Gospel message before coming to camp, or know very little about it. The Bibles from CBS are a great resource to send home with them.

On of the camp leaders told us this story: “The Bibles that the Canadian Bible Society donated to our camp have been causing some of our cabin leaders to lose sleep. At bedtime the kids have wanted to spend time reading them and even when it’s “lights out” they’ve been using flashlights to keep reading.”

Camp is an incredible place to introduce campers to Jesus! One camper told his mother, “My favourite part about camp was all the stories we learned about Jesus this week!”

Snider Mountain Ranch expressed thanks to the Canadian Bible Society for partnering with them in sharing the Good News with kids across New Brunswick!

Learn more about CBS’ program, Scriptures for Christian Kids Camps

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