The Bible and Us

Canadians and their Relationship with Scripture

The Canadian Bible Society supported Cardus to conduct a survey with the Angus Reid Institute to find out how Canadians engage with and understand sacred texts, including the Bible. The resulting report, “The Sacred Texts: Canadian Perspectives on the Bible, Qu’ran, Torah, and Their Place in Modern Society,” was released in December 2022.

This follow-up report uses the survey data to delve deeper into the responses of one group of respondents, Canadian Christians, and their engagement with and attitudes toward the Bible.

  • The overarching thematic questions in the report are:
  • How do Canadian Christians read the Bible?
  • Why do they read the Bible?
  • What do they think about the Bible?
  • Do they know the Bible?

The report highlights some of the key challenges and opportunities, and includes questions to help stimulate conversations in churches and Christian institutions. In addition, this report helps inform Canadians about how their fellow citizens who identify as Christians engage with the Bible.

The survey reveals significant differences among Christians in how, when and why they read the Bible. 

The Bible and Us
Veteran journalist Lorna Dueck interviews Rev. Dr. Andrew Bennett, Program Director, Cardus Faith Communities, and Rev. Dr. Andrew Stirling, CBS Ambassador, about a Cardus study titled The Bible and Us. This research supported by the Canadian Bible Society looks in depth at Canadian Christians and their engagement with and attitudes towards the Bible.

Why Do Christians Read the Bible?

  • When asked why the “Biblically engaged” Christians read or study the Bible, the most frequently cited reason was “to be closer to God,” with 36 percent of Roman Catholics, 37 percent of mainline Protestants, and 56 percent of Evangelicals selecting this response.
  • The survey asked “Biblically engaged” Christians what they take away from reading or studying the Bible. 56 percent cited “guidance for life,” 39 percent “experiencing God’s presence,” and 35 percent “discovering God’s will for his people.

Want to know some of the biggest differences in how Canadian Christians view the Bible and its role in their lives and in the life of our country?

Download the report for a deeper dive.

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