2022 Impact Report | Bible-Based Trauma Healing Gains Momentum

Trauma Healing ministry draws on the restorative power of God’s Word.

The Bible-based curriculum for groups includes basic mental health concepts. The group sessions and personal work help participants to identify their pain, share their suffering, bring their pain to the cross of Christ for healing, and, for cases where the trauma was caused by the actions of another person, learn to forgive their oppressors.

The program is built on using well-trained facilitators, who move from “Apprentice” to “Certified” to “Master” status. Training those facilitators has been the top priority to date.

Many of the CBS training sessions included staff of mission organizations, youth centres and a refugee resettlement ministry who are taking this training back to train their staff.

Starting a Trauma Healing Group is daunting, and we have discovered that the Apprentice Facilitators need more support than we envisioned at the beginning. In 2022, we are introducing a Mentor and other support programs for facilitators.

Our goal in 2022 is to see as many as 40 new groups form and work through the program together, finding healing through the Word of God.

Learn more about CBS’ Bible-Based Trauma Healing Program.

By the end of 2021, CBS had:


Apprentice Facilitators


Certified Training Facilitators


Master Facilitator

(and two more people now completing this highest level)

“I always thought that I was praying honestly to God. But there was something about writing it down (in the Lament to God activity) and being given permission to vent to God with the assurance that nothing you can say will ever offend or surprise Him that gave me freedom I didn’t know I needed.”

~ A church staff member

“The best thing I learned is forgiving and taking the burden to the Cross. I feel released, happy, open, light, and delighted that I forgave all the people that hurt me a lot and I am now free enough to grow spiritually and personally.”

~ A refugee

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