Scripture Untangled

Season 5: Episode 11 | Alanzo Paul | Helping the Next Gen Find Hope and Purpose    

Alonzo Paul

Alanzo Paul | Guest

Speaker | Oxford Center for Christian Apologetics
Andrew Ollerton

Andrew Ollerton | Interviewer

Author | The Bible Course & The Bible: A story that makes sense of life

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Listen or watch Alanzo Paul, a speaker at the Oxford Center for Christian Apologetics being interviewed by author and theologian, Andrew Ollerton. Alanzo shares his origin story, his struggles and how he walks hand-in-hand with Jesus. He talks about the extreme transformation that brought him out of the lowest point in his life to a place where he now has the privilege of connecting with and helping the Next Gen find hope as they seek answers to meta questions like: What is the meaning of life? Does my life have a purpose? Where is God in my suffering?

Alanzo Paul

Alanzo is a speaker at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics (OCCA). He is passionate about apologetics, art, discipleship, history, literature, mission, philosophy and theology. His work primarily focuses on Christocentrically addressing metaphysical and existential questions like: ‘Does God exist?’, ‘Why does God allow suffering (and evil)’, ‘What is the meaning of life?’, and much more.

Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Alanzo became a Christian in 2009 after struggling with drug addiction for over ten years. Alanzo worked in the Oil & Gas sector before entering into full-time ministry. He held a corporate position for several years and then embarked upon his first private sector venture as an entrepreneur in the e-commerce world.

Ever since his decision to follow Jesus, Alanzo has been passionate about engaging with Next Gen questions about God, the Bible, life, and the Church. For over a decade now, he has spoken to crowds of students around the world.

Alanzo has a degree in theology (BTh) from the University of Oxford (Wycliffe Hall) and a Master of Arts in Theological Studies (MA) from the University of Toronto. His research thesis on Thomistic metaphysics was entitled, Can a Simple God Incarnate? (2022). Alanzo lives near Oxford with his wife.

Dr. Andrew Ollerton

Andrew Ollerton is a theologian, pastor and popular communicator. He has experience leading churches and is a theologian who makes complex ideas simple. He works with the Bible Society, and developed The Bible Course, an eight-session guide to the big story of the Bible for small groups. Andrew is married to Charlotte, and they have three kids, two fish, a snake and a dog.

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