word@work Issue 1 | 2022: Providing Bibles in China’s Cloudy Mountains

With your help, Guangen’s lifelong wait for a Bible has ended!

China’s national language is Mandarin Chinese, but China’s Education Ministry reports that approximately four hundred million people — or 30 percent of the population — don’t speak it.

That means people like Guangen, who lives in a mountainous region of southern China, can’t read a Mandarin Bible. He speaks Black Yi, which is one of China’s minority languages. Getting a Bible in his language is very difficult.

For years, Guangen longed to hear from God in his heart language. Finally, one day Guangen heard a rumour that the town’s pastor was going to deliver the Word of Life in Black Yi. He joined other believers across the region who were huddled in their churches, watching the door, waiting for Pastor Wenfu to arrive with the Bibles that had been translated into their native tongue.

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It was midnight before Pastor Wenfu arrived, but Guangen had waited his whole life to have a Bible. “When the pastor brought the box of 20 Bibles to the
village, I was so happy,” Guangen says.

Guangen was only 18 when religion was outlawed in China. By the time the worst of the restrictions had been lifted, Guangen was nearly 30. When he was 41, he met Jesus and believed. That night, at age 69, he finally held his first Black Yi Bible.

“Everyone wanted to read it,” Guangen reports. “We were all very excited to have our own copies of the Bible.”

For Guangen, reaching the next generation with the Bible is personal. “My two daughters: one is a believer and one isn’t,” Guangen says. “I pray that with the
Black Yi Bible, it will help them to be drawn closer to the love of God.”

Help end the wait for Bibles for more people like Guangen.
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