Bible Engagement in the Digital Age


Bible Engagement in the Digital Age

The importance of engaging youth with the Word of God is fundamental to their faith. As today’s youth seek authenticity, how do we engage them with the Word of God in a way that is meaningful and relevant to them?

In a panel discussion hosted by the Canadian Bible Society, leading Canadian Christian voices address this issue. Pastors, academics and Bible thinkers share their perspectives on Scripture engagement in a modern era.

Andrew Ollerton | Plenary Session 1

Listen to Dr. Andrew Ollerton as he raises important questions about why it matters to raise Bible confidence with the Google generation.

Andrew Ollerton | Plenary Session 2

Dr. Andrew Ollerton shares how regular and meaningful engagement with God’s Word becomes the most important catalyst for growth, alongside being part of a church. Listen as he reflects on the need for excellent Bible communicators in all forms of media that connect the wider world and the church.

Panel Discussion | Part 1

Listen to the panel as they define today’s youth as deeply relational, more globally connected, and passionate about justice and the environment. As they delve into the topic of engaging this generation, they address the burden of ensuring that the Google generation is engaged with Scripture and faith.

Panel Discussion | Part 2

In this second part of the panel discussion, hear some practical reflections on what has worked and what has not worked in the context of building Bible confidence with the Google generation.


Dr. Andrew Ollerton
Theologian, Pastor and Communicator. Author of The Bible Course and The Bible: A Story that Makes Sense of Life


Dr. Beth Green | Provost & Chief Academic Officer at Tyndale University
Dr. Andrew Ollerton | Theologian, Pastor and Communicator
Dr. Charles Price | Author, Preacher, Pastor
Rev. Dr. Domenic Ruso | Lead Pastor, 180 Church
Rev. Dr. Andrew Stirling | Ambassador, Canadian Bible Society


Joanna la Fleur | Speaker, podcaster, TV host, and Communications Consultant

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