Bible Distribution

Making God’s Word Available

While Scriptures are much more widely available in Canada today than they were 200 years ago when our ministry took its first fledgling steps, many challenges remain. Our distribution team strategically identifies and helps to meet these challenges.

Bibles for First Nations, foreign languages, as well as specialty editions like Braille, are often difficult to produce and distribute through commercially viable channels. CBS helps to make Bibles affordable and available in each of these contexts.

Our wholesale division provides our own publications and other related editions through a network of over 400 retail stores across the country, as well as through our online store, book tables, special events, mail order and a variety of partner websites. In selected areas of the country we continue to operate our own ministry centres that provide the widest selection of Bibles and advice and that serve as ministry points for our Bible engagement initiatives.

In 2016, we distributed:

  • 133,969 Bibles
  • 96,658 New Testaments
  • 44,506 Scripture Portions
  • 405,086 Scripture Selections

The Canadian Bible Society is part of the United Bible Societies' international effort to see that all language groups in the world have access to all or parts of the Scriptures - currently these are available in 2,650 of the 6,900 identified languages. In 2016, together with 146 Bible Societies around the world, we distributed 401.3 million Scriptures in various translations and formats. Our unique identity, resources and skills regularly allow us to play a role in distribution initiatives in other countries as we share The Word. For Life.

(*Source: United Bible Societies 2017 Scripture Distribution Report)

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Young people reading the Bible

The Bible is priceless. But it’s easy to forget the millions who live every day without its guidance, wisdom and inspiration. These millions represent a vast spiritual famine – a famine God calls us all to meet. Bible-a-Month provides an avenue to help feed a spiritually hungry world, from right where we are.

Three Canadian military with Bibles

Did you know that the Canadian Bible Society (CBS) has been providing Scriptures for the Canadian military for more than 60 years? But until 2008, CBS had only been giving copies of the New Testament.

Upon the request of the Canadian Military, CBS started printing and distributing the full Bible at the later part of 2008. Through this ongoing program, over 84,000 Bibles were sent to brave Canadians in uniform!

Chinese Christians with their Bibles

Just 40 years ago the Bible was banned in China. Today, it is a best-seller. God has embraced China by preparing the way for His Word to penetrate hearts and bless the lives of thousands of Chinese men and women.

This past November, the 100 millionth Bible rolled off the Amity printing press in China. 

Photo: drugs

Alcohol and drug addiction … they stalk the lives of people, and enslave their victims with terrible consequences. And the number of lives they ravage is on the rise.

Our Scripture distribution programs in 2017 impact children in Peru, Nicaragua, Egypt and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Jesus Loves the Little Children….

Syrian refugees on their way to the Croatian border.

Right now, Jordan and Lebanon are home to more than 850,000 Syrian refugee children. There is a desperate and urgent need to reach out to as many of these innocent children as we can.

Syrian refugees walking on a road

Do you need practical and attractive resources to distribute to refugees? Are you concerned about giving something that can be understood and appreciated?

Cuban youth reading the Bible

In Cuba, we are seeing a remarkable growth of Christianity, largely due to the work of churches that have mobilized to share the Word of God and offer support to people in need. But the country is still suffering from great Bible poverty because there are not enough Bibles to meet the demand... 

Egyptian Children with Bibles

Help us to freely distribute Illustrated Children’s Bibles in Egypt.

From 2005 to 2012, the Bible Society of Egypt has distributed 759,000 free copies of various children’s Bibles.

In order for us to support our brothers and sisters in Egypt, it is important that we learn about the circumstances in which they live.

  • Egypt is home to 90 million people, living on 1 million square kilometers of historically rich land