Bible Publication

Making God's Word Accessible

Printing Bibles and Scripture portions is at the heart of our publishing programs. That said, here at the Canadian Bible Society, it is also our priority to meet other needs of the people to whom we minister. Some of these needs include publishing Bibles with features geared towards unique audiences and making Bibles available at affordable prices.

The Canadian Bible Society also participates in several national distribution projects, like those that provide Bibles for Canadian military personnel, Bible stories designed for children learning to read, Bibles for those in prison, and Bibles for English as a second language (ESL) courses. This frequently require us to produce special editions with appropriate features at affordable prices.

The expertise we have developed in meeting these needs now also allows us to provide the Canadian churches and ministries we are called to serve with a growing array of biblical tools and resources both in print and other media formats. Beyond the array of affordable New Testaments and Bibles for mass outreach and Scripture selections for targeted ministry applications offered in our catalogue, we also offer a number of customized options for ministries that have need of publishing services.

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The Key to Freedom: Prisoner receiving Bible

The Canadian Bible Society has a long history of providing scriptures for people in prison. Almost every day, a request is made to a Prison chaplain - and inmates - for a Bible. 

The need is great!

Child reading Braille book

According to the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB), about half a million Canadians are estimated to be living with significant vision loss. And every year, about 50,000 Canadians will lose their sight. *

One of Canadian Bible Society’s ongoing ministries is making the Scriptures accessible for the visually-impaired. In 2014, CBS distributed over 300 copies of Scriptures in various formats such as large print Bibles, audio Bibles (CD, megavoiceMegavoice), and Braille.  

Collage: Canadian landmarks and family with Word of Welcome Bible

Every day, hundreds of people from around the world arrive in Canada to seek a better life and a future. Many of these newcomers to Canada do not speak English or French, the two offical languages in the country. To help them learn to speak English and French, some churches and Christian organizations offer ESL/FSL classes where they use the Bible as their learning tool. CBS partners with these churches and organizations by providing copies of the Word of Welcome Bible. These Bibles are also offered in citizenship ceremonies.

Campers holding Adventure for Life Bibles

“I am 16 years old and I have never touched a Bible. But at Teen Camp, I got to touch a Bible for the first time in my life!”

This is one of the stories shared with the Canadian Bible Society by a camp counselor last summer. Through the ministry of the Canadian Bible Society and its partnership with kids/teen camps across Canada, many children and young people are encountering God’s Word for the first time.